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Linux kernel is a very complex and challenging code that delivers the Linux service. It performs a lot of functions that a typical system administration tool doesn't have the capability to do. The Linux kernel is the core of the Linux distribution and it is very complicated to operate and understand. Therefore, learning it can be very difficult for most people, even IT professionals who are already familiar with system administration and working on desktops and laptops.

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If you're thinking of getting into the Linux kernel, I encourage you to take the first step by reading Linux Kernel Foundations book. This book will give you a brief background regarding Linux and its history. Aside from this book, there are also other sources like Code snippets and various articles that can help you in your learning process. Reading Linux Kernel Foundations book will be helpful for those who are just starting their journey in Linux Administration.

As you may know, Linux is a user-space Linux, which means, the only thing that you need to do is to load Linux OS into your PC and you're ready to install into your machine. The Linux kernel is actually a free software that makes it easy for anyone to load and run Linux. You'll also find that Linux has a lot of benefits over Windows OS such as better performance, more robustness and more efficient use of resources. For these reasons, more companies are switching to Linux for their mainframe computers. But if you're not familiar with Linux and how it works, you might find yourself lost when it comes to using and learning Linux.

linux kernel foundation

kernel development isn't centralized. In other words, the kernel doesn't come from one developer and it's actually a team of developers that come together to provide continuous feedback to improve the design and functionality. When it comes to Linux kernel development, users don't need to be technical experts in order to participate. Even if you have no background in programming at all, you will still be able to apply the right knowledge and skills through the use of various tutorials that are available in the web.

As a newcomer in the Linux kernel development community, you will need to understand and follow the basic guidelines. For this purpose, there are a number of FAQs on the Linux kernel website that you can go over. The most commonly asked question is, \"What is the Linux kernel? How does it differ from Windows?\" Also, \"How do I contribute to the Linux kernel project?\"

The Linux kernel developers also have a mailing list where developers get together to discuss some specific issues or questions. When you sign up for a Linux mailing list, you'll be automatically added to the development team. Being a part of the Linux kernel development team is very rewarding since you'll be able to contribute your skills to improving the kernel. By participating regularly in the mailing list and being proactive about your concerns, you can develop better and more useful patches that you can submit to the developers.

One of the most popular things about Linux is the free support that it gives to its users. You can search the Internet for information regarding its support and if you have a problem, you'll be able to submit it and ask for an immediate response from the developers. It comes online very fast and with high quality services. Also, there are a number of forums online where Linux developers answer questions and discuss common issues such as system optimization, software installs, and so on.

Being part of the Linux kernel development team is a lot of fun. You'll be able to contribute to the improvement of the kernel by finding bugs, submitting new patches, and discussing various topics with the Linux kernel developers. You can even attend the kernel conferences and release events so that you can keep in touch with the latest developments.

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