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When thinking about the costs involved in having your website hosted, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the open source Linux server. Many large businesses are switching over to this form of web hosting because it is considerably less expensive than other forms. The fact that there is an open source component to the server is also a big selling point for those who may be considering a switch to the Linux operating system. Linux is an open source application that has been available for download since the mid 1990s. Although it has been adapted for use on servers for other uses, such as with firewalls and intrusion detection systems, it can also be used to deliver website functionality through a self-contained operating system that can be accessed just like any other computer program.

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This means that anyone can build, install and operate their own server, even if they do not have the technical skills required for more advanced computer programs. For web hosting customers who may have had hosting done previously but who are considering a switch to Linux, there is also the option to opt for a server that is already packaged with open source software. This offers all the benefits of using the Linux operating system without having to change servers or carry out extra customization.

However, users who are not familiar with different operating systems will find that it can be tricky to get an effective server running quickly and without many issues. For those who are interested in switching over to Linux, it can be helpful to understand some of the basics of how the server is built. This may help them to determine which features they want, and it may even be helpful to contact a hosting company to find out what kinds of support they offer.

open source linux server

One of the biggest concerns of those who are switching over to Linux from Windows or other platforms is whether or not they will lose access to the source code of their programs. Many people assume that all source code is proprietary and can not be altered in any way. This is not necessarily true. While most Linux distros have the ability to \"suite\" (create multiple variants) of a program with similar code, it does have limitations regarding modifying the source code themselves. Those who are comfortable with modifying the code themselves should be fine.

Another concern for some Linux users is whether or not the switch to an open source operating system will hurt their business. Linux based servers do tend to be a bit more expensive than others, but it is generally affordable for most businesses. In addition, users can often install their own security patches and customize the operating system as needed. There are very few major problems with the stability or security of Linux based servers - the same can be said for Windows users.

While it is true that Linux can be costly, many users find that they are more comfortable with the stability and dependability of the code. Some companies, such as Red Hat and Novell, have taken criticism for releasing code under an open source license that has not been approved by the Linux community. However, these businesses have a point when it comes to wanting to allow more options to be available to customers. Those who need guaranteed security and reliability should probably stick with a Windows based server.

Linux code is licensed in the open source license, which allows anyone to add their modifications to the code and make changes to the server. When deciding between a Linux or Windows based server, consider how user friendly the various options are. Linux offers greater customization with regards to website design while Windows does not. For those who prefer customization over reliability, there is no substitute for Linux.

The choice to switch from Windows to an open source based server may be one of the best decisions a company can make. If the cost is not an issue, then there is no reason to go with Windows. However, if the security, reliability and the ability to customize are important, then the switch to an open source based solution is the right one for businesses.

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