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Shotcut Debian is a fun, challenging, puzzle-type game for people of all ages. It's very simple to pick up and play, requiring little more than a click of the mouse. In this visually exhaustive action game, the player takes on the role of a vampire - tasked with saving his dying love from a clutched thief, of course. As in many other comparable titles, you'll have to solve puzzles and investigate clues in order to move on to the next area.

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The heroine is required to avoid obstacles on her way to rescuing her love interest, but she has more complex obstacles to overcome as well. For example, there's an enormous clockmaker who is chasing her through a jungle setting. If the heroine stops to rest and regenerate, the clockmaker will relocate to attack her in her home.

You'll need to use the mouse to run through the jungle setting, avoiding obstacles along the way and clicking on things to make your progress. Shooting enemies helps, as does interacting with objects, solving puzzles and so forth. To advance to the next area, you'll need to collect all the hearts that are available to be displayed. The heart meter will move up and down to indicate your heart's level of health at that moment, and you'll earn more hearts as you beat the clock's ticking.

shotcut debian

The difficulty level in this game increases dramatically the further you progress through the adventure. For example, there are three time periods in which you must complete the puzzle in order to continue, and you'll be challenged on more as you advance through each period. There are also powerful items found within the game that can help you to defeat opponents, such as the 'Maze' where you have to navigate a maze filled with revolving doors before you're allowed to proceed; and the 'Clamber', where you have to cook a certain number of 'cavities' in order to cook enough for your partner. Some of these require upgrading your cooking skills!

The controls for the game are simple: left click to fire, and right click to throw. Using the arrow keys or the space bar will trigger some additional effects, and the mouse button will pull the trigger for these functions. Occasionally, the screen will turn red, and you can use the keyboard buttons to change your actions. However, the majority of the game is played using only the mouse, and so it is unlikely that you'll spend a lot of time learning new buttons and commands.

It's possible to play the game in single player, where you are given a fixed number of tries, and if you lose any of you are forced to start all over again. Alternatively, you can play in co-op mode where another player is designated as the leader, and their goal is to reach the end of the level before the other team does. When the other team hits the goalpost, they lose points, and the leader gets bonus points. Sometimes, the leader has to sacrifice a life to bring the other team closer to the finish line.

You can find the game on many gaming platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, and the more recently successful iPhone. As with many other Flash applications, you won't find any documentation or help file with Shotcut Debian. That's part of the appeal, and part of the reason why the game can be so frustrating at times. There are, however, many video tutorials available online, and if you get stuck there, you can often join forums and ask other players for tips and information. The documentation itself is fairly thin and often difficult to read through. Still, there's no reason why you shouldn't spend a couple of hours getting familiar with the controls and basic functions of the controls.

While this game may feel a bit rough around the edges, it also has many other appealing features. For example, the game includes a tutorial option where you can watch someone play the game and get a better idea of how the various buttons work. Plus, you'll be playing with an interface that is much easier to use than the bulky menus that many other similar games include. By playing through the early levels using the trial version, you'll get a good idea of whether or not the game is right for you, but there's no harm in spending some additional time getting acquainted to the actual program.

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